Interactive Visual Syntheszer

Create visual sounds canvas with your body motion. Use voice command to change sound, patterns and set position markers.

 Breath Training Game for Healthy Lungs

Calmer breathing, stress reduction can be improved with Inhale and exhale exercise. How about playing a game that will teach proper breathing technique.
Using pressures sensors housed inside a ventilated cup to detect breath of air flow, duration, strength, and frequency of inhale and exhale can be measured. Temperature sensor can also detect type of breath - cooler air blowing through nose or hot breath via open mouth.
Data relay through micro-controller with Bluetooth (Arduino 101) to mobile phone or desktop running a Unity game engine.  Create a fun game based on breath data where player can match the expanding shrinking balloon. Or blow the virtual horn to strengthen the lungs.

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Interactive Bike Motion lights Controller and Display

  • Colorful LED patterns flashes and scrolls responds to bikes motion - Color change over vibrating bumpy road. Waving and turning. Accelerating  and braking.
  • Control light patterns using smartphone over Bluetooth. Display speed / distance
  • Speedometer and tachometer display.  Tracking distance traveled / health exercise counter.
  • Safety night riding  with added breaking  lights,  turning signals, and headlights.

Retractable wheel design for autonomous car

Interior Design for electric cars with autonomous driving capability.
Key concepts.
Retractable tilt Steering wheel -
Unconventional steering wheel with bottom hinged rotary sensor.When retracted, provides extra driver space and unobstructed view of rounded instrument panel.
Stationary center oriented control console houses 2 flexible touch rotary dial along with programmable function key. Allows quick access of GPS navigation, music, media, and temperature settings, phone and video calling.
Dual Display
Huge rounded front digital instrument panel and center display screen.
Dual HUD
Projector located in roof and dash provides configurable display zone based on driver's height.
Driver assisted Augmented Reality
Overhead and side camera track driver's vision and project overlay of road boundary in limited visibility.
Blind Spot Proximity indicator display surrounding vehicles and obstructions.

Robotic Street Waste Cleaner

Industrial Design of the Week #188 : "The Vulture"- Street Cleaner
The modern day has brought about the nearly never ending cycle of reuse and recycling. As such, there is no need for recycling bins and trash cans. However, some things, (such as leftover bits of street vendor hotdogs and fallen leaves) cannot be easily recycled into anything other than compost- a very useful substance but not exactly what one wants to smell or see on the shiny city streets. gathers organic waste, dehydrates it, compacts it, and emits bricks that can be easily, cleanly and safely sent to the nearest composting facility. 

Portable Digital Saxophone

A phone or a horn. It's both. Introducing MusiCobra - pocketable digital wind instruments for fun and musical practice. Configurable keys for various fingerings, saxophone, flute, even build your own key layout. Build in virtual acoustic synthesizer and various real time controllers emulates every nuance of real instruments. Make music every where you go.

Cargo Monorail Transport

Intercity Cargo Monorail equipped with Dock N Ride for compatible electric cars.

Electric car docking with moving hanger/charge station

Electric car equipped with overhead  charging contacts embedded inside the wing spoiler.
Moving in the docking lane to be picked up by Dock N Ride Monorail.

Dock and Ride Monorail Transit

This idea of future mass transport is dockable monorail vehicle carrier train with underside compartments where electric cars in motion can attach and recharge. Increasing vehicles operational range while offering privacy and convenience of public transport with freedom to roam.

Underside of the carrier are compartments with hydraulic magnetic lift hooks. Equipped car with docking racks can latch on to any carrier transport while in motion via designated entry/ exit lane along highway. Automated computerized navigation ensures safe and smooth hookup.

Train can also transport passenger and cargos for inter city commute. Electric power are derived from side monorail supplemented from wind turbine and solar panels in the freeway's middle divider.
Green transport for the 21st century.

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