Retractable wheel design for autonomous car

Interior Design for electric cars with autonomous driving capability.
Key concepts.
Retractable tilt Steering wheel -
Unconventional steering wheel with bottom hinged rotary sensor.When retracted, provides extra driver space and unobstructed view of rounded instrument panel.
Stationary center oriented control console houses 2 flexible touch rotary dial along with programmable function key. Allows quick access of GPS navigation, music, media, and temperature settings, phone and video calling.
Dual Display
Huge rounded front digital instrument panel and center display screen.
Dual HUD
Projector located in roof and dash provides configurable display zone based on driver's height.
Driver assisted Augmented Reality
Overhead and side camera track driver's vision and project overlay of road boundary in limited visibility.
Blind Spot Proximity indicator display surrounding vehicles and obstructions.

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